Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rynna's First Halloween

Josh and I have been reading Calvin and Hobbes comics since we were little and we are both big fans. So naturally, from the beginning of our friendship, into our dating relationship, and on into our marriage, they've always played a fun role. We used to send different strips of them back and forth to each other while Josh was in the Army, and on a few special occasions he drew (he's an amazing artist) me a few and personalized them by putting us in them or by incorporating sweet elements that only I'd understand and appreciate. 

While picking up a few things at Target one day, I saw a stack of tigers on an end cap that looked JUST like Hobbes. I'd yet to buy Rynna a special stuffed animal for her to love on and attach to as she grows, and when I saw it I just knew it had to come home with us. After snapping a pic and texting it to Josh (something to the effect of "OMGNOWAY, I FOUND HOBBES AT TARGET!!!" I pulled it down off the shelf and handed it to Rynna, who was in her sling and snuggled up against my chest. "Rynna, this is Hobbes. Would you like to take him home?" She reached out, pulled him in close and chomped down on his nose, and that was the beginning of #rynnaandhobbes. Much like Calvin and Hobbes' relationship, Rynna is either dragging him along for an adventure or trying to wrestle him off of her when they've gotten entangled. It's fun to capture little moments between those two. Feel free to follow along on Instagram (@everynewday_blog | #rynnaandhobbes)! 

For Halloween this year we'd planned to do a family costume. Josh was going to be Calvin, Rynna was going to be Hobbes and carry her little stuffed Hobbes around, and I was going to be Susie Derkins. Unfortunately, Josh came down with an awful cold, and I caught it a few days later. Halloween came just as he was getting over it and just as I was hit with fever, so we weren't able to all dress up and hit the neighborhood for some trick or treating. Instead, we let Rynna play around in her costume all day, and when my fever finally broke that evening, we grabbed mexican food to go and ran by our favorite comic book store to see what kind of characters were out for the night. 

All in all, it was a fun evening and although we didn't get to take a family costume picture, Rynna still looked adorable in her's. Happy first Halloween to our sweet little Hobbes! 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Rynna's First Day Of Fall

Well hello there. It's been pretty silent around here lately. Let's change that, shall we? I'm going to spend this week playing catch up. I have so many unpublished posts that I want to have archived here, so forgive me as I cover a few past events (Fall, Halloween, etc.) over the next week. 

First up is Rynna's first day of fall! It's so fun to experience things through her eyes. I LOVE fall, and I couldn't wait to see how she'd react to the combination of the bright sun and the crisp air. We laid out our grass mat and our favorite blanket under the tree in our backyard and watched the leaves above us blow in the wind. She's such a talkative baby, but she just sat quietly and soaked a lot of it in. It was a pretty perfect day. I hope she enjoys every fall from here on out as much as she did her first!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Falling For Baby: A Fall Themed Baby Shower

I recently threw a baby shower for a very sweet family member who is expecting a baby boy later this month. We are so excited and cannot wait to meet him! Fall is the expectant mama's favorite season, so I built the theme of her shower around that. Here are a few photos from the event. See below for resources and 6 detailed steps to help you throw your own DIY fall themed baby shower!

1. "Falling for Baby" Poster
-I made it and had it printed at Staples (24x36 engineer print for around $5).
2. Tissue Paper Poms
-I made them. You can find the tissue paper here. I'd be more than happy to post a separate tutorial if anyone is interested. 
3. Invitations
-Designed by my sister-in-law, Kadie Brown
-Leaf sticker here
-I printed "It's a boy" separately on plain white paper and attached it to the back of the invitation. 
4. Fall Decor
-Pumpkins: The perfect decoration for any fall themed party and a simple, yet excellent way to set the stage! I chose three different sizes from a unique bunch at Trader Joes. I bought 6 total and stacked them three high on each side of the doorway, so they were the first things people saw as they entered my home. 
- Handmade elements: Using handmade elements throughout the house is a great way to personalize the theme! The acorns hanging from the mantle, the ceramic pumpkins with the cute faces, and the fabric pumpkin (and more) were all made by mothers, grandmothers, or aunts from our family. It was a sweet touch and went along perfectly with the theme.
-Scents: Although I love pumpkin EVERYTHING during the fall, I chose a different scent for the shower. Vanilla chai was equal parts warm, spicy, and sweet. I had a few candles burning in every room of the house that I knew guests would enter and it really helped create a cozy atmosphere. I can't seem to find that specific scent online, but here are a few others that could be very complimentary to a fall themed shower: Hot Buttered Rum, Cinnamon Carmel Swirl, Spiced Apple Toddy. One suggestion would be to check with the expectant mother before selecting a scent. A lot of pregnant women are sensitive to smells (I was. Bleh!), so be sure to not select anything that would make your guest of honor uncomfortable.
- Color Scheme: I used earthy tones with bright reds, yellows, and oranges mixed in. Additionally, I used little bits of sparkle wherever I could to brighten up the otherwise muted hues. The orange glitter leaves hanging on the mantle were from the dollar store, but here is a similar option: 3D glitter tree centerpiece.
5. Eats & Treats
- Eats: Chicken salad on croissant was my easy go-to in this case. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and it was a cinch to throw together. I stacked the sandwiches and displayed them on simple wooden trays. 
- Drinks: Here are links to the white tea pitchers, similar chalkboards to the leafs I used to label the teas, and my favorite brand of sweet tea.
- Treats: I somehow managed to forget to snap any pictures of the desserts, but here is a list of fun treats (and a few links) that I had out for guests to indulge in: 
  • Trader Joe's Meringues. Having never tasted these myself, I honestly just bought them because they were pretty. However, these were the most talked about treats at the shower! Light and crunchy on the outside, with marshmallow on the inside.
  • Trader Joe's Cookie Butter Cups: Get your hands on these, and leave out a big bowl of them for your guests. Actually, get your hands on anything that includes cookie butter. It's insanely delicious! I forgot to put out little labels to let everyone know what each treat bowl included. People kept asking what was in the center of the cups, realizing that it was not the peanut butter they expected, but was still delicious! And they loved them so much that there was only ONE left in the bowl by the end of the shower. One.
  • The expectant mother's favorite treat/candy. In this case, I had a dish of fun size milky ways out. Those that were left over were put in a bag for her to take home. Just a little something extra sweet for the mama-to-be!
  • Archer Farm Cupcakes: I almost spent a small fortune on little cakes from a cupcakery. You know, the ones with the fancy whipped icing on top and the yummy filling in the center. However, while making a last minute Target run the night before the shower, a display of the most simple and adorable cupcakes caught my eye. They were the perfect flavors for fall (pumpkin and vanilla bean) AND they looked like they were made in a fancy cupcake shop! The icing was thick and swirled perfectly on the top and they were only a few bucks per container. Also, to my surprise, when guests started eating them, they went on and on about the delicious filling in the center. WIN! So, be sure to check the bakery at Target before shelling out too much for cakes. #targetdoesitagain. 
6. Craft 
- Burlap Wreath (adapted from Classy Clutter).  Here was my thought on this: 
1. I don't enjoy shower games, and neither does the mama I was throwing the shower for. 
2. I wanted to send every guest home with a favor they'd love and use. 
3. The guest list was large, and I wanted to have an activity at the shower that was fun and engaging for every attendant. 
So, the idea for a fall themed craft was born. The beauty of this craft is that it can be adapted for any theme/season, so feel free to personalize it to fit your party! 

I made it easy for guests in the following ways:
- Example Wreathe: I had a wreathe already made so that they could see the final product.
- Craft Kits: Including the burlap they'd need, the wire (already formed), and instructions.
- Fall Decor: I hit up the fall/Halloween sales at a few craft stores and scored an insane amount of items for guests to choose from to add to their wreaths. I scattered it all across the dining room table so that they could see each item, and didn't have to dig for anything.
- Hot Glue Station: I set this up in a separate location, away from the craft kits and fall decor. This helped the traffic run smoothly from start to finish, so that guests weren't on top of each other in one location.
- Lint Rollers: I knew the burlap would be messy, so I provided a few of these for guests to use so they wouldn't leave the shower covered in burlap.
I can also post a separate tutorial for this craft if anyone is interested, just let me know!

So there you have it! I've never done a blog post like this before, so I hope you enjoyed it! Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested in any of the additional tutorials I mentioned. 

Need a few more ideas for a fall themed baby shower or party? Check out my Fall board on Pinterest!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Balloon Festival

We attended the Plano balloon festival this past weekend. The crowd was insane, but the music, balloons, and fireworks were a lot of fun. I love watching Rynna as she experiences things for the first time. She enjoyed watching the balloons light up once the sun went down and kept pointing her tiny finger at them and looking back and forth at Josh and I to make sure we were seeing it all. 

Here are a few grainy phone pics from the event. I forgot my good camera, but I'm glad I captured at least a few on my phone!