Thursday, August 21, 2014

Discovering Magic: Kindergarten Addition

This little dude (my nephew) starts kindergarten on Monday! I went with him to orientation tonight and afterward we toured the school. At one point he told us he had to go potty, so we used the opportunity to teach him how to tell the boy's restroom from the girl's by looking at the little people on the signs. The girls have on a dress, and the dudes have on pants. Foreshadowing (wait for it). He quickly identified the boy's restroom and invited us to join him. After explaining to him that we couldn't go in because we were ladies, he squared his shoulders, held his chin high, and went in by himself like a big boy. A couple of seconds later he came running back to the door with his pants down around his ankles (underwear still on, thankfully). For a brief moment I thought he was scared after having to go in by himself and had decided to bail. Boy was I wrong! He threw his arms in the air and pointing wildly toward the inside of the restroom he shouted, "come look at these cool potties!" Needless to say, the kid had never seen a urinal until that very moment. I wish I'd captured a picture, better yet a video of him standing in the doorway of the bathroom in his cartoon character covered boxer briefs. The look on his face was sheer amazement. He was so excited through the whole tour, and could obviously not wait to start school, but man, the "cool potties" were like icing on the cake. What did I do? Well, I'm his aunt, so i just stood there laughing and secretly high fived him a million times in my mind! My sister however, being the awesome mom that she is, didn't miss a beat. She had his pants up and we were moving on before he was even able to consider running outside of the restroom to announce his discovery to the large crowd of other parents and children passing in swarms through the hallway.

After the tour we sat out on the lawn by the playground and had a picnic. It was a relaxing evening and a great way to introduce him to what will become his new home away from home for the next year. 

To his future teacher, whoever she may be: have fun with this little dude! I'm sure there will be many more "standing in front of a crowd of people with his pants down announcing the magic toilets" moments throughout the school year. And to my sweet, sweet nephew: I'll always be here to tell the story of your first moment of glory in a public school. It ranks right up there with your confession at daycare. I love you little man!

-For more laughs, check out that daycare link above, and this post on his three really good wishes.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rynna's First Summer Rain

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We had our first down pour of the summer at the beginning of this week, which also happened to be Rynna's first summer rain experience. There's something genuinely magical about the rain in the summer in TX and I couldn't wait to share it with her. The air is warm and sweet, the sky turns bright orange (I didn't edit the photos above so that you guys could see exactly what I mean), and the rain feels so cool against your skin. I have so many memories of playing outside in the rain with my sisters when we were little. We always ran out in whatever we had on for that day, not caring one bit about how drenched or muddy our clothing would get. We'd splash through every puddle we could find and always ended up tracking our fair share of mud back through the entryway of the house. 

As soon as Rynna woke up from her nap I immediately took her outside. She was still in her jams (that's what we like to call her pajamas) and was in full on post-nap snuggle mode. The moment i opened the back door though, she sat straight up in my arms and reached her hand out toward the rain. I figured it would be best to just sit in the doorway for a minute or two, just so I could see how she would react to the sounds of the raindrops and thunder. She seemed content, so I ask her if she wanted to dance with me out in the thick of it. She didn't protest, so out we went! She went back and forth between being excited and in awe, and it was really cool to watch her take it all in. 

Today it rained AGAIN, and the temperature actually dropped to 68 degrees (unheard of here)! So I slipped her in her sling and a hat and we walked the block under our umbrella.

I'm all about the long, hot summer days, but I wouldn't complain if it rained at least once or twice every two weeks. There's something about the rain that helps to dial everything down a couple notches. Almost like it's calling you to just sit, observe, and relax. Bake something. Throw on some jazz. Open all the windows in the house and just relaxed. And that is EXACTLY how we've been spending our day. Thanks mother nature.

How do you spend your rainy summer days?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Nursing In Style + PinkBlush Maternity Giveaway

Toward the end of my second trimester/beginning of my third, I finally had to give in and start shopping for a few maternity pieces. It took me a long time to get comfortable with maternity clothing, and wouldn't you know, right as I was getting the hang of it, my pregnancy was over and I was shrinking back down into my old clothes. A new challenge arose however, and that was finding pieces (especially dresses) that worked for breastfeeding. Honestly, this has caused more frustration than shopping for maternity wear EVER did. Josh and I had a wedding to attend back in June, and the weeks leading up to it had me focused solely on finding a dress that I could feel beautiful in, but that would also be easily accessible for nursing Rynna. Not too soon after my search began, I received an email from PinkBlush Maternity asking if I'd like to try out a piece from their nursing line. Hallelujah! Seriously! I featured a piece from their maternity line before (see blog posts: 31 Weeks and 36 Weeks) and LOVED it, so I knew that whatever I received would be great quality and would get to my front door quickly. They sent me this dress and I can't say enough about it!

| Rynna fell asleep during the ceremony and was out for a lot of the reception. It was at this point that I traded my wedges in for sandals, and my dress draped the ground beautifully. I'm all about style, but carrying around a baby for an hour in heels? No way. |

| Our sleepy girl, right before the ceremony began. |

| CLOTHING | Dress (c/o PinkBlush Maternity) 
| ACCESSORIES | Earrings (same brand, similar style), Necklace (worn as bracelet c/o Whitney Fields, S&D), Sling 
| Rynna's wearing | Flower Crown (made by me)

This dress is so light and soft. I was a little concerned about wearing a long, black dress to an outdoor wedding in Texas in June, but the material was so breathable that I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. The overlapping deep vneck kept me modest, but allowed me to nurse easily whenever I needed to, and my favorite part of the entire dress is the lace detailing on the back. I'm such a sucker for subtle feminine touches!

Today, PinkBlush Maternity is offering a $25 gift card to spend on any item from their nursing line. Enter below to snag this gorgeous dress or any of their other items for yourself! And leave a comment letting me know which piece you'd select. This giveaway is open to US residents only. Those who have hosted or won a giveaway from PinkBlush Maternity within the past 6 months are not eligible to win. Winner will be announced on Thursday July 17th.

Happy entering everyone!
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Fun DIY: Swimsuit to Headband

I've realized that I haven't purchased a new swimsuit in 4 years. 4 years, people! I've had the same 3-4 that I've mixed and matched over the last 4 summers. I pulled out my bikini bag today to find that some of them were so worn that the elastic was cracking. Embarrassing. I immediately headed for the trash can, but before I tossed them in I thought, "hey, the straps on that bikini are still good." So, I pulled them all out, cut them up, and decided to make a fun summer headband that can be worn in and out of the pool! Check out the tutorial below, and be sure to let me know if you make your own. I'd love to see pics. 

Feel free to tag me on Instagram with your upcycled creations: @everynewday_blog.

-Old bikini (or any swimsuit with multiple straps/ties)
-Hot glue + gun

1. Pull three straps out of the swimsuit (or more to create different braids). You may have to cut off buckles, hooks, or knots in order to get them out. 

2. If you haven't already done so, cut the ends off each strap. 

3. Tie the straps together with one big knot and pin the knot down to a secure surface. Create your braid.

4. Cut a piece of fabric from the swimsuit to use to connect each end of the braid. This will go in the back and will vary in length depending on the size of your head. To determine the length of fabric you'll need, unpin the knot and place the completed braid around your head. There will most likely be a space between each end of the braid, and it will not connect. Guesstimate the length of this space (you can measure using one of your fingers). Add a little more length so that you'll be able to glue down the rough edges. Cut your fabric.

5. Hot glue all the rough edges in and onto the ends of the braid to connect them. 

That's it! BE SURE TO LET THE GLUE COOL before placing it on your head. I know that's obvious, but I had to mention it. 

After wearing mine around the house, I decided my cute and currently bald baby girl could use it more than me, so I redid it to fit her little noggin!

 She seems to be pretty happy with it! Happy upcycling!!