Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This Babe Of Mine

 Yesterday marked 9 weeks of life for this little babe, and man has she enriched ours. I prayed for her a lot while she was in my belly, but the two things I prayed for most were that she'd have a joyful heart and a peaceful spirit. I had no idea what those two things would look like for her as an individual, and I'm sure they'll manifest in different ways as she grows and develops, but for now as a tiny little baby she exudes both qualities in such sweet and simple ways. For example, I've always been a morning person. I love that the day is fresh and new and full of possibilities. But waking up with Rynna has brought a whole new level of joy to each day. Since her 2nd day of life, our first morning home, she's been nothing but smiles. See her sweet wink and smile on day 4 in this Instagram video. I usually wake up before her, but sometimes I'll wake to her coos and look over to see her staring me right in the face, batting her little eye lashes and smiling a big ol' gummy smile. I'm thankful for her joy. She's a baby, so she's not without her moments of discontent, but she usually expresses herself in baby chatter or grunts instead of full on fits, and even in the midst of her expression, she's still so chill and can always manage a smile. She is seriously the most peaceful baby I've ever known. A legit cry has happened only a handful of times, and each time she's been immediately soothed by one of us meeting a basic need, such as a diaper change, feeding or burping. While I was pregnant with her I tried to imagine what her little personality would be like. I know that will change over time, but I'm enjoying the small spark that she already has now. I'm so thankful for answered prayers. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Heirloom Baby Shoes

I come from a big family, and baby shoes are kind of our thing. I have five siblings - three brothers and two sisters, and my mom has saved every pair of our baby shoes. There's a cabinet in the front hall of my parent's house that is home to these little heirlooms. Six pairs, twelve shoes total. That's a lot of shoes! But it goes beyond just the six of us kids. If you include everyone - parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, there's even more. Let's just do the math, shall we? 2 parents + 6 kids + 10 nieces and nephews = 36 individual shoes, 18 pairs. And that's not counting the addition of my grandparents, aunts, and uncles that are also scattered throughout that mix. Those numbers add up to a lot of love and a lot of, at one point in time, little feet. 

When I got pregnant, I knew I wanted to find a special and unique pair of baby shoes to save for Rynna. I found these adorable bow moccs by Kim White, and I couldn't be happier with them! I'll let Rynna wear them until the day she outgrows them, and then I'll tuck them away and save them for her like my mom did for me. 

Does your family save their baby shoes?
What was your first pair like?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Introducing Our Sweet Rynna Gwen!

I've taken a break from blogging since her birth to get adjusted to my new routine and to soak up every bit of her that I can. Her birth was the most incredible experience I've ever had, and every day since then she's been growing and changing at an unbelievable rate. I already miss her round, brand new baby face that you see in her birth announcement! We had these made by minted and I'm so pleased with them! If you're looking to have any announcements or invitations made, definitely check them out!

Oh, Rynna Gwen. She has the sweetest, most cheerful spirit. Every morning and throughout the day that follows she is full of big grins and the most heart melting coos. She loves chatting with her mama and dancing with her dad and we enjoy giving her every bit of both. We just can't get enough of her! I'm in the process of writing out her birth story, and I can't wait to share it with you guys. There are so many special details that I don't want to forget, so I'm really taking my time writing it out.

I can't promise that my posting will be anything near consistent for a while. I'm always nursing or changing her and when I'm not doing one of those things, we are snuggling or having some good ol' baby talk back and forth. I could fit blogging into the equation, but honestly, I'm just currently smitten with this kido, and I'm ok with just wanting to be with her for now. I hope you'll forgive me for all the sporadic posts that are to come. But hey, they are coming! I'll have some giveaways headed your way soon, and plenty of baby pics I'm sure. And someday down the line, maybe a few outfit pics :).

Monday, February 10, 2014

41 Weeks, Still Cookin'

| CLOTHING | Cardigan, Crochet Top (similar), White Tank, Tights
| ACCESSORIES | Scarf (similar)
| FOOTWEAR | Boots (also featured here)
| PHOTOGRAPHY | Josh Steward

We spent the weekend getting all our last minute ducks in a row in preparation for Rynna, but she's still not here :). When she does decide to come I'll have plenty of meals ready and the house will be spotless. I think I've cleaned my already clean house three times haha. I'm running out of things to prep. So, Rynna, let's get this show on the road. We want to meet you sweet baby! 

Here's to a GREAT week ahead with *a brand new baby in view. 

*Wishful thinking at it's best!