Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rynna's First Summer Rain

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We had our first down pour of the summer at the beginning of this week, which also happened to be Rynna's first summer rain experience. There's something genuinely magical about the rain in the summer in TX and I couldn't wait to share it with her. The air is warm and sweet, the sky turns bright orange (I didn't edit the photos above so that you guys could see exactly what I mean), and the rain feels so cool against your skin. I have so many memories of playing outside in the rain with my sisters when we were little. We always ran out in whatever we had on for that day, not caring one bit about how drenched or muddy our clothing would get. We'd splash through every puddle we could find and always ended up tracking our fair share of mud back through the entryway of the house. 

As soon as Rynna woke up from her nap I immediately took her outside. She was still in her jams (that's what we like to call her pajamas) and was in full on post-nap snuggle mode. The moment i opened the back door though, she sat straight up in my arms and reached her hand out toward the rain. I figured it would be best to just sit in the doorway for a minute or two, just so I could see how she would react to the sounds of the raindrops and thunder. She seemed content, so I ask her if she wanted to dance with me out in the thick of it. She didn't protest, so out we went! She went back and forth between being excited and in awe, and it was really cool to watch her take it all in. 

Today it rained AGAIN, and the temperature actually dropped to 68 degrees (unheard of here)! So I slipped her in her sling and a hat and we walked the block under our umbrella.

I'm all about the long, hot summer days, but I wouldn't complain if it rained at least once or twice every two weeks. There's something about the rain that helps to dial everything down a couple notches. Almost like it's calling you to just sit, observe, and relax. Bake something. Throw on some jazz. Open all the windows in the house and just relaxed. And that is EXACTLY how we've been spending our day. Thanks mother nature.

How do you spend your rainy summer days?


  1. Awe the summer rain is what I miss most about NC. I hope it rains on our TX trip. If you guys could work that out for us, that'd be great. I think Rynna's expressions were similar to mine the first time I experienced a TX thunderstorm.


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